Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hungry Kids of Hungry

Brisbane indie outfit, The Hungry Kids of Hungry asked Taxi Director Liz Murphy to lend her skills and take charge of their latest film clip 'Let You Down'. Liz took the creative by the balls and issued a request for a crane, 20+ large helium balloons, a rather thick rope [think pirate’s tall ship] and a roof top carpark in the Chinatown Mall.

Murphy’s original plan was to hang them from the side of the building but instead they are raised to a height of about 4 meters and then swung over an expanse of the carpark. The song is all about being broken up with by a girlfriend and Zarah Walker, a local model, has stepped up to play the role of heartbreaker. She runs and bounces all over the rooftop with huge helium balloons and attaches them to the lads as they are then lifted up in the air as she waves them goodbye from below.

view the music clip here

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