Monday, October 5, 2009


David Barker on his new short film 'Creating Fortune'...

"Creating Fortune is a parody: driven by the pure delight in sending ourselves up, poking fun at the ways in which maniacal zeal can manifest itself in the creative process. It asks who’s going to be there when your delusion becomes sentient? Reflecting the often demoralising and humorous process of filmmaking, this short story imagines the possible consequences of taking your work too seriously. It’s a film about filmmaking; about Hollywood stereotypes; about the passionate artist undone; about satisfying the urge to commit violence against powerful studio executives; and about an action-hero whose character drew the short straw. I wanted to make a schizophrenic short film that simply had a good time with the medium; using all the tools of the cinema that I love. A story that moved from genre to genre, that threw in a Deus ex machina for the hell of it, and that stretched the canvas a little. But mainly, it is about wanting to take the audience on an unexpected ride…and in a few different directions."

Writer/Director & Producer :: David Barker

Producer :: Michelle Sahayan
Director of Photography :: Tony Luu

Editor :: Mark Bennett

Original Music :: Ran/Run

Sound Design :: Pete Jones

Production Designer :: Michelle Sotheren
Script Editor & Co-Producer :: Emma Jensen

VFX Supervisor :: Jeff Gaunt

Digital Film Colourist :: Adrian Hauser

Creature FX :: Jason Baird – JMB FX


Genevieve Hegney as Jennifer Mannon
Matthew Moore as Edward Towl

Rohan Nicol as Ray Fortune


Chris Pappworth as Wolfie

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