Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jack Wareham Shoots R.M. Williams Short Film

Jack Wareham has recently finished up directing a quintessentially Australian short film, The Forgotten Men, featuring a bevy of top Australian talent including; Jack Thompson, Kerry Armstrong, Gyton Grantley, Nathin Butler and Lincoln Lewis. Jack - Wareham that is - was also DOP on the film.

Set in the 1890s, The Forgotten Men is based on an epic campfire tale told by the legendary R.M. Williams - spinning the yarn of a young rider trying to make his fortune in the bush. “This cautionary tale just had to be made into a short film and the strength of the story is what attracted the A-list cast, crew and post-production.” Says Wareham.

With the aim of securing backing for a full-length feature, the short was driven by executive producer Matt Cowley’s passion for the project. "It's as Australian a film as you're ever going to get".

The Forgotten Men was shot over 10 days in the Hunter wine region at Tower Estate's Roberts Restaurant and Edward Tyrrell's original cottage at Tyrrell's Wines, with sets also constructed at Hope Estate.

The film premiered recently at the Dungog Film Festival.

View the trailer for The Forgotten Men on the Taxi Website.

Director: Jack Wareham
Director of Photography: Jack Wareham

Screenwriter: Karl Mather

Producers: Stephen Campbell, Matt Cowley, Jack Wareham
Executive Producer: Matt Cowley

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