Monday, June 15, 2009

Co-directed effort...

Suncorp Bank via GPY&R Brisbane has just rolled out their new brand campaign 'Bright Banking'. The commercials were a co-directed effort from Taxi¹s Jack Wareham and Gavain Browne (GB).

Both directed the look of the campaign and performance across the 5 spots. With GB directing the VFX and Jack as the Dp. The collaborative approach on the project ensured a premium outcome and the commercials certainly deliver a visually fresh and sharp execution for Suncorp Bank's new campaign.

On-set pics // Suncorp Bank Bright Banking Brand Campaign

Building the set took:
400 man hours
300 litres of paint
10 days to construct

It took 130 000 Watts of light to illuminate the set

Suncorp Bright Banking from Taxi Film on Vimeo.

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